On Saturday, November 29th, JoyWheel Yoga & Wellness hosted the Mindful Living and Giving Event.The Event, benefitted the ROC, Rural Outreach Center. Over $300 dollars were raised to benefit local initiatives and we saw new members join the East Aurora Cooperative, who co-sponsored the event!   Thank you to Rural…

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Beginning a Mediation Practice Starts 12/7

Beginning a Mediation Practice Starts 12/7

Led by: Rich Muscatello:zen 2

Sundays 12/7 – 12/21 from 8 am to 9:15.
Mindfulness may be considered a state of mind centering on the conscious abiding in the awareness of our moment to moment experience. The roots of mindfulness may be found in many Eastern contemplative traditions. Over the three weeks of this class offering, we will explore and experience the fundamental and interwoven components of mindfulness; Intention, Attention, and Attitude.

In addition to detailed guidance in beginning a formal sitting mindfulness meditation practice, direct application of mindfulness to our everyday life events, situations, and relationships will be explored. Applying mindfulness in this less formal manner may be an opportunity to gain greater insight and uncover the depth and richness of our everyday experience that we may ordinarily not notice. Although mindfulness cannot “change” the phenomena that occur in our lives it certainly may contribute to a skilful shift in our relationship to what is occurring, which often results in what feels like less dissatisfaction, greater unconditional happiness, as well as emotional and cognitive balance with what” is”.