Wellness talk–2/5

http://marthablessing.com/2016/01/19/join-me-at-joywheel-yoga-wellness-for-sacred-medicine-talk/ Join me for Sacred Medicine Talk  at JoyWheel Yoga and Wellness in East Aurora, NY…..Friday February 5th @ 7pm.  ($20) I’ll be revealing the 4 Levels of Consciousness in  Healing and how to allow vibrant health– to move from the first level of illness and disease to level four, your “Divine Blueprint”…

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Heart Chakra Course

heart chakra

Heart Chakra Vibration Yoga Mondays 1/4 – 1/25 @  10 AM Come experience the sound and vibrations resonating from a quartz crystal singing bowl to re-tune your body, by opening, clearing, and re-balancing the heart chakra. This energy center corresponds with the “F” musical note or vibrational frequency. Paired with…

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